Ahh, winter holidays. Time for distractions aplenty! buub0nik and I have been doing our best to hack away at Tower Climbs whenever we get the chance. Progress is good -- we are happy with the gameplay mechanics and nearly have a style pinned down. Style is what we've been working on the most these past few weeks. Since neither of us are any good with textures and we have no budget to hire someone who is, we've had to use other strengths to our advantage. buub0nik is playing around with noise algorithms that we can plaster onto objects, and I'm working on an edge detection algorithm to spice up the final rendering. I'm also working on better integrating our lighting system with Blender so we can get an example of what the lighting will look like without leaving the editor.

We want to have the style and mechanics solid by new year. We can then switch our full attention to level development and include more people in the testing. I'll have some screenshots and a video up Soon (TM) once we're happy with the new style :)

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