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IndieCity put out a survey recently that asked a short but difficult question... what is indie? My response is copied below.

How do you define indie games?

Indie goes straight from idea to finished form with as little resistance as possible. There is a lot of resistance that happens in corporate culture that may be completely out of the control of those involved. Features axed because they, while innovative, did not contribute to the appeal of the masses. Profit over innovation... more concerned over investors than the game itself. All things that can transform a bright idea into the grey drab of the status quo.

The older a game is the broader the definition of 'indie' feels to me. S2Games (indies in my mind) were definitely not heavy hitters like EA, but they also weren't just a hadful of people. With each passing day the definition of indie seems to shrink, such that it's less acceptable to be a team of 20 or 10. Still, I'd like to think that there is significant audience that sees the game for what it is and doesn't get too distracted by strict definitions.

tl;dr -- To me, a game that is indie goes as unadulterated as possible from conception to product and passes through as few hands as possible.

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