i made a whale

I've had to push my non-existent modeling skills to their limits for the level I'm working on currently. I envisioned the underwater stage to have some critters swimming about, and they are turning out to be a bit harder to model than huge angular architecture.

I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of the Blender workflow, and for the most part I can create a vague approximation of what I'm wanting. Still, for future projects we'll likely find a skilled modeler rather than hack at it ourselves. I had thought low-poly models would be relatively easy, but that is a naive way of thinking. Low-poly models are like low-res pixel art... it takes true talent to get it right. Regardless, buub0nik and I are going to trudge forward and do our best to give you a visually unique experience :)

Behold! Some of my marvelous creations:


i made a whale


om nom

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