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I am still around, and survived the holidays. A lot of good work has been put in within the past couple of weeks, and now you, our adoring fan(s), get to see it. Previously, we were unhappy with the way the game looked. We were using generic stand-in textures we had found on the web, and the process of getting all our geometry wrapped appropriately was going to be far too time consuming. We tried creating a few textures of our own, but art is not our strong point. We fell back on what few assets we had available to us: programming and a near delusional faith in rusty math skills. Tears were shed, blood was let, pigeons were slaughtered, but it worked! In the end, we have the ability to create somewhat unique textures that are coherent and without seams across our entire world. If we want an object to look different than another, we just tweak a few parameters, add a function here or there, and boom, done. In the near future there will be a more technical writeup of the techniques used, and maybe the more knowledgeable of you can shoot us some tips if you have been down this road before. For now though, a screenshot that represents more of what we hope the final release will look like.

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