We've been scrambling to get a demo out for too long now when we entertained the thought of releasing a weekly build, no matter the amount of progress. We have always followed the philosophy of 'polish one more thing' before it is ready to go out, but that keeps people waiting and probably losing interest in us. This has plagued our blog posts as well where, instead of posting regularly and informing people that real work is being accomplished, we hold off until we can get a pretty screenshot out. I am definitely worse when it comes to posting on the blog. I have a hard time bringing myself to talk about fixing the issue where the scallywag was getting out of sync with the ballyhoo causing the whowitzer to crash if you followed this procedure. If you wanted to know these things, you could be reading our repository logs (or changelogs if we ever get a release out). I would imagine that most people only care about these things if you are describing a grand new feature they have been anxiously awaiting, or to announce the fixing of a particularly heinous bug that was game-breaking for a host of players. The result of this habit has turned our blog in to a barren wasteland of month long stretches with no signs of a post. If I were on the outside, I would have written the game off as vaporware a long time ago. I do not want this. It is not good for business. I will be the boring, droning nerd that no one reads if it will at least show signs of life.

Maybe we will be able to bring ourselves to this mindset with beta builds as well. We do have a few people signed up for the private beta, but have not thrown anything their way yet. Hopefully this evening will see an end to the drought and our fan will wet his lips on a juicy new beta build.

And I can't forget to mention:
We have a Mac build.

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