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So we meet again, blog post.

I intended to post on schedule, I really did. We were even going to release the private beta on Friday! The day was going well, all the changes we HAD to make were implemented and we were doing our final run through before packaging up. That is when sinoth noticed some geometry wasn't showing up. Not a LOT of geometry, but big geometry that makes an impact on the look and feel of the level. Cue three days of frustrating, bewildering bug hunting. The issue still isn't entirely fixed, but is pretty much worked around for the moment. We have enlisted the aide of internet experts to tease out the true cause of this issue because we are fairly certain it is Not Our Fault. Hopefully in a couple of days we will understand the root of the issue and regain the ability to sleep at night.

Assuming we don't stumble upon another heinous bug within the next 5 hours, we will be uploading the private beta tonight. If you'd like to get your grubby little hands on it, hit up our beta signup and we'll get it out to you. We especially need Mac testers to find compatibility bugs we haven't found yet.

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