such a slacker

I'll turn it in tomorrow, I promise. The weeks certainly seem to be passing quickly. Lately I've been optimizing the GUI, hijacking/beautifying sinoth's freetype wrappers and toying with a model loader.

Fun stuff here. I gained a decent understanding of freetype while spending half a day debugging an unsigned/signed error. Sinoth had a pretty good wrapper in his lib collection which I ported over to libmal. Changing winding directions, x-y origins and switching to our vertex structure was about all the work that was needed. Other than that, just a couple of additions and minor corrections (which probably just boiled down to semantics) and we've got ourselves slick font interface.

Model Loader:
We have tentatively decided on the Wavefront OBJ format for our models. Plain-text, easy to parse, most modellers support export to it. Hopefully within the next few days we'll be familiar enough with Blender we can discover the limitations of the OBJ format so we can either ditch it, or work around it. For now though, we'll enjoy looking at finely modelled M60 machine guns, rendered in a sickly green with no textures.

bringing out the big guns

Gui.......man. I hate me some gui. I have fallen victim to premature optimization here, as well as trying to account for every possibility under the sun. It has made for slow progress, and hard to maintain code. I have learned quite a bit and a second attempt would be better but, we are up to our necks and it is now time to hold our breath and swim through the muck I created. There will be a time for rework, but this is not it. Tally ho! and onward we go.

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