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So, we've been slacking. Well (or poorly) timed events out in the world have caused our discipline to almost disappear. Lack of visible progress (due to extensive back-end work) have sapped our motivation. These are just excuses though. We lack determination and direction. It is akin to finding yourself in college and being accountable to only you for the first time. We have been useless. All is not lost though! We have been making some progress. We have a camera system. We have a maths library (though not the one we wanted). We have an easy interface for creating and manipulating basic shapes. We have a fairly extensible input system with decent joystick support. We have initial font support. We have a playground to start testing physics and control schemes. We almost have a gui library. We also have a website where we can post our progress. Personally, I have learned a lot already. Coding practices and styles have evolved to be group friendly. I have experienced shortcomings of svn, and gotten my feet wet with mercurial. I have learned of sse/simd, and annoyances involved with using it. Type-punning.... There is much more to learn, and much more to accomplish. It is now time though, to show some screenshots.

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