The circle of life

Being a 'computer guy' causes quite a few side effects. Since I am a 'computer guy', I can immediately fix your computer, maintain your network, install your toaster, hack your car etc etc. While I can do some of these things, they are generally not how I like to spend my time. I don't work for free, but occasionally I'll take on a task for beer and pizza. There are good aspects of 'computer guy' though. Random 2nd-3rd degree people will give me old computers. I've received computers from friends, coworkers of friends and employers of friends; anyone afraid to recycle or toss out machines will pass them on to me. Some might consider this a curse, but I enjoy having the spare parts for debugging and creating zombies. I recently received a fairly new computer that had been stripped of hard drives and video cards because it 'wasn't working.' Took out a bad stick of RAM, and I've got a new computer. This was well received as our Linux dev machine at the time was no longer capable of running the game. Shortly after this though, my Windows machine kicked the bucket, and I have not taken the time to perform an autopsy. One hand giveth...

So, if anyone out there would like to contribute to my museum of computer history, feel free to shoot me an email. me @ thissite

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