Hello again. Something that has been bugging us for a while was the HUD. The gravity indicator was small and out of place and the jump and boost meters didn't mesh well either. To help me sleep at night I started tweaking these effects and I think the results are pretty nice.

First on the chopping block was the gravity indicator. Before, it had a hideously shaped background that tried to imitate the other meters. The arrow itself was too dark and just didn't stand out well enough. Many testers complained that they needed something to show them which way was down, even though this ability was already there and enabled. I doubled the size of the arrow and took out the background. I also made it a little more vibrant of a blue, but the arrow still had trouble showing against certain backgrounds. I borrowed an idea sinoth had a while back to fake an edge on an object where you make a slightly larger version of the object and turn it inside out. This gave us a pretty distinct arrow that hopefully won't need any further tweaks.

Next, the jump/boost meters were completely removed. In their place I went with a couple of effects that are visible on the player. The boost effect is nothing special, but the jump effect got a little out of hand. It went from a color change to a charging light and a cheap bloom effect. Check it out in the shots below.



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