With a little help...

I've been entertaining house guests recently, I will use this as an excuse for the neglect to the site and the game. It was an excellent half-vacation, but now it is time to get back to business. Twelve-plus hour days are common, but sometimes it is difficult to be mindful of diminishing returns. We are definitely past our previous deadlines, but the project is very close to the level of being 'presentable' to the world at large. We definitely appreciate the time of the select few beta testers who have had to struggle through previous builds. If only they were more critical we might be better prepared for the upcoming tongue-lashings of anonymous internet heroes.

In the past month we've implemented a tracking system finally. It had been proposed towards the start of the project, but I shot it down as being too much for a two person project. Well, I was wrong. It has pretty much been a cleaner version of a TODO list and easier to maintain. Of course, as is the trouble with any new tool, you must first get in the habit of using it effectively. I'm sure in the coming months I will swear by it, and never start a project without one.

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