America's Next Top Modeller

We've been neck deep in level design lately. Aside from actually completing the game, this will help us get some less boring screenshots and videos up to help woo the populace. A unique skybox goes a long way in giving a different feel to a level. Shooting some video of different locations might make it look as though we actually have a game!

When I first started playing around with Blender, the interface was strange and confusing. The UI was a beast and I thought it was hideously designed. I had trouble merely rotating the scene in a way that made sense. As neurons fired and connections developed, I have come to recognize it as a fine piece of OSS. Although what I produce can still be considered 'programmer art,' perhaps one day I will be able to pull the beautiful models out of my head and implement them in Blender.

I'll go ahead and leave some 'storyboard' style shots here which depict some of the rouge placeholders of the level I am working on. Our levels are loosely themed elementally, and I am currently working on the 'earth' level.

To the top

A boggy morsh

I can see right through you

Look out below

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