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I've been working on a few administration tasks (warning: technical post :P)

We rent out a virtualized box from the kind people over at prgmr. We abused it for all of Malchemist's needs -- revision control, forums, high scores, blog, etc. It hit me that it would really, really suck for that box to go down and take out all those services, or even worse for the box to be compromised through one of those many attack vectors.

I moved our main website (malchemistgames.com) to Blogger, which was surprisingly painless. I even got it looking 98% the same as before! I know we lose a bit by giving control to Google, but we should be able to scale to traffic better and I'm not as worried about our old blog software getting hacked.

I moved nebulous-game.com to Google AppEngine since it is static HTML with a few forms. Again, this was mostly to help us with scale as well as reduce possible attacks on our prgmr box.

Our forum software is currently running on Amazon's cloud service (EC2) which gives you an easily deployable virtualized box.

It's too early to give a solid opinion on whether the change was worth it, but I can definitely sleep easier at night know our services are off of our single box. Both AppEngine and Amazon aren't costing us a dime right now with so little traffic. A huge spike in traffic will definitely cost us, but I think it will be money well spent for people to see our game rather than a dead page.

If anyone would like more info about the conversion process, don't hesitate to give me a shout :)

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